Barnswallow's CSA Program

*For 2022, early-bird, sign up ends January 1st for pick up both in Oskaloosa at the farm and at a TBD location in Pella! We will keep the CSA program open for others to join until March 1st at a slightly higher rate to accomodate additional growing costs and labor needs. Head to our farm shop to sign up!

Barnswallow currently offers a floral CSA for Mahaska & Marion Counties, where generations of farming gave birth to this unique floral program offering. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a farm-business model where local folks invest in a farm's early season expenses to counter the cost of seeds, potting soil, tools, labor, etc. We are offering a program unlike a transactional subscription service. Rather, it's an investment in our family farm.

Every year we plan and purchase the amount of seed it takes to serve those committed to the program. We then germinate, grow, transplant, harvest and package bouquets for the allotted amount of shares. This economizes our finances and fair-wage, labor costs to reduce waste top to bottom. To maintain our farm's eco-philosophy, we grow chemical free to keep all our products clean while protecting our precious land and water sources. There is no regulation on internationally shipped florals regarding the use of chemicals and fair-wage labor. So, we are very proud to have a small part in sustainable environmentalism and economic opportunity rurally. 

Since our partners provide an avenue for us to cover all the up-front costs of seeding and growing, they get to enjoy a clean harvest of every changing seasonal flower arranged in a market bouquet and wrapped with sustainable brown paper. Our CSA program offers colorful, bountiful bouquets at a fraction of the cost of our other floral products. It's a simple thank you for trusting the investment in our farm. Xo, BSF