Seasonally Farm Source and Custom Created Beauty


 *photograph by Suzanne Corum-Rich



Barnswallow is making things easier for those having events and weddings in 2023! We welcome everyone from bridal parties to event hosts this upcoming season.

On your special day, you and your guests should have the best, most fresh and beautiful local flowers in your hands. To make that possible, we are streamlining to offer bridal party bouquets, boutonnieres and DIY floral buckets in three, seasonal color categories. Colors will be utilized with florals that are available. Flower choices will include neutral (whites and greens), bright (all bold colors) and soft (pale toned colors).

Flowers are available from early May through mid October. Online orders must be made two weeks prior to your special day. You will choose from one of our three color palettes. Flowers choices are limited to what is best in bloom the week of pick up and are decided by designer, Meredith Nunnikhoven. Flower Buckets will include of variety of flowers perfect for table-scaping or making your own designs. 

  • Bouquets & Boutonnieres will be professionally designed and wrapped with a simple neutral ribbon. Vases & travel boxes will be provided for transport.
  • Color choice for all events can be made from the drop down menu in our farm store.
  • Flower choices are left to us and are limited to what is seasonally available and event perfect.
  • Confirm your pick up date in the comment section during checkout, and we will email 2 weeks before to confirm your order.
  • Pick up dates should be the day before or on the date of your event.  Flowers must have proper cooling care and must stay hydrated. We can accomodate almost all timing within reason. 
  • DIY bucket deposits will be required and will be returned when buckets are returned to the farm. 
  • All sales are final. We do not insure flowers beyond our border. 

After much community interest and demand, Barnswallow Bridal & Event Florals was introduced in 2019. We realized that those hosting special events simply desire a chance to interact with nature. Since we grow our product, we know flowers and designs work best for events, especially outdoors in summer. Let us do the work of figuring out those details so you can focus on the finder details of making your event special and memorable. 

Barnswallow Flowers is environmentally friendly, as it utilizes what's grown locally and in season. This creates a buffet of floral varieties at an affordable price point combined with allowing the farmer to choose what's best for the design. 

Wedding offerings for 2023, will go on sale November 2022. 


 *photograph by Cambria Shelley

 *photograph by Cambria Shelley