What Makes Our Sales Special!

Our floral products are farmer tested and approved by the flock at Barnswallow & Co. on the farm in Oskaloosa, Iowa! 

As a flower farmer for 14 years and 5th generation female farmer, Meredith Nunnikhoven connects to the earth through growing annual and perennial flowers, bulbs, tubers, trees and shrubs. It's a devotion to the craft of cultivating, harvesting and designing that gives a unique perspective on her prized, chosen collection for flower farmers, gardeners and landscapers alike. 

Barnswallow Flowers is located in the heart of the Midwest on the open plains in zone 5B. It's where the harshest weather seems to hit yearly, a great indicator of what will grow successfully for our special customer flock. If our field tested flowers can survive the extreme winds, monsoon rains, hail, heat and cold, we invest and continue to grow them! Leave the field testing to us and enjoy beauty beyond our Iowa boarders while entrusting Farmer Meredith and the Barnswallow Team to deliver on successful flower products backed by first-hand growing experience. 

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Dahlia Tuber Sale: February 2024
Spring Bulb Sale (Tulips, Daffodils & Allium): May 2024
Peony Tuber Root Sale: June-July 2024