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For those wishing to connect with Meredith at Barnswallow, please contact initially through email at We look forward to working with you! Thank you, Meredith Nunnikhoven (Owner) 


June 8th, 2023
In Depth with Dr. Bob Leonard
What it's like to be a farmer florist?


May 18th, 2023
By Channing Rucks, The Herald
Local farmer to sell tulips at Tulip Time


May 2023
YouTube Practical Farmer's Panel
Corn and Soybean Basics for Landowners - Farminar


March 26th, 2023
By Channing Rucks, The Herald
Ernst talks Farm Bill, cover crops in southeast Iowa
“Results matter,” said Meredith Nunnikhoven, a Practical Farmers of Iowa member who operates Barnswallow Flowers southeast of Oskaloosa. “Some of these [conservation] programs stop in five, six years … CSP is an example. That is a really hard program to sign up for … It’s a whole farm outlook program, and once it was over, it was like, what we just started, we’re not seeing the effects of that program. And for someone who’s hardwired to seeing the results, who has that cultural perspective, that’s going to be important for them.”

Nunnikhoven suggested lengthening government programs like CSP so that farmers can see the results, and the culture can change


Mahaska Chamber & Development Group Blog
Fresh Air & Farmhouse Views
“This is a community cottage. Those who stay here contribute to the lives of those who take care of it.” - Meredith Nunnikhoven, Owner


August 9th, 2022
In Depth with Dr. Bob Leonard
What’s it like to run a flower farm?


July 18th, 2022
By Channing Rucks, The Herald
Osky farmer produces crop of colorful blooms


The Donna Lonna Kitchen Show
Episode 019: Flower Farming at Barnswallow Flowers With Meredith Nunnikhoven


April 12, 2022
Choose Local YouTube Video by IVRCD
Visit a Farm Stand


May 17th 2022
Elija Decious of The Gazette
Amana nonprofit launches statewide campaign to encourage farmer, consumer connections


June 24, 2021
Practical Farmers of Iowa
The Joy of Flowers By Jacqueline Venner Senske


Explore Mahaska County Publication


2020-2021 Podcast
Behind the Blooms 
Episode 1 & 2


January 1, 2021
Heartland Wedding Ideas
Family, Farm, & Love – Allison + Jacob

May 2020

The Practical Farmer Magazine
Why do you want to farm?


October 31, 2019
Oskaloosa News
Barnswallow Flowers and Produce Speaker


October 18, 2018
In Depth with Dr. Bob Leonard
One local farm family is diversifying their operation–with flowers.