The Bird Behind The Company


Many have asked about our business name. So here is the scoop. We honestly had a hard time coming up with a name that fit. After weeks of deliberation back in 2018, we noticed our barn swallows swooping above the garden to feed. Since we provide habitat for the swallows in our barns, it seemed natural to combine the name into one word. It would exemplify something so strong, consistent, resilient in our lives while resembling female farmers and business owners of our time. 

However, what we have come to know as common is becoming less common regionally, nationally and globally. Farmsteads with historical buildings are fading from the landscape, small family farms are struggling to survive and many of our wildlife and pollinator populations continue to be negatively affected by pollution and loss of habitat. Something so common is slowly becoming less of the norm in real time in less than a lifetime. 

Farming flowers and produce has only made us more aware of our surroundings. What's even more clear is realizing what we do matters for the land, local wildlife and water resources. The barn swallow bird is just one of our winged friends that we love to support. They help us seasonally with pest control, swooping down into our flower field to eat pesky bugs like aphids. Seeing them at work to support their families grows our desire to support the environment. We hope that this messaging sings through our branding with impactful thoughts of the farmers at Barnswallow being good stewards of the land. 

XO, Meredith & The BSF Team