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Do you offer private tours and you-pick events?

Yes! From July-September. Please check out our page Private Tours & You Picks for more information. Those that book an AirBnB stay at The Barnswallow Cottage receive a free you-pick event during their stay. 


  • Flowers have the best vase life if cut in the morning (before 12pm) or late evening (after 6pm). This is why we only offer you-picks at this time. Water & compostable vases will be ready upon arrival. Flowers will wilt if you don’t place them in water right after you cut.
  • We have a few pairs of pruners, but please bring your own if you have available. We will expect pruners be returned or they can be purchased for $20 on site.
  • If your vase tips over and spills, the water can be replenished.
  • Think of how you will transport your vases home in the event you do more than one vase. Cardboard boxes, buckets or milk crates work great! Flowers like air conditioning and need to be kept out of direct sun. After picked, they don’t like the blow around in the open air/wind.
  • Wear proper closed-toe shoes. The walking rows are grass/dirt/mulch and the ground has some uneven places.
  • Some of the flowers are supported with line or netting, PLEASE be careful and try not to cut this netting.
  • All children under 16 must be supervised by an adult. PLEASE keep an eye on your children when they are using pruners.
  • Bathroom on site and water available for purchase. Picnics are also allowed. 
  • Please be respectful and do not bring your dog or other pets with you unless it is a registered see & eye/service dog. Have other service dog needs? Please contact Meredith directly for further assistance before your visit. 


  • WHAT ELSE IS FOR SALE? We will have things for purchase inside The Little Blue barn, including flower arrangements, bags, snippers, etc. 
  • CAN I BRING MY OWN VASE? Barnswallow will provide a compostable vase and/or bucket that fits the size for the allotted amount of flowers. It's compostable and can be recycled post use. 
  • NO ENTRANCE TO FARM BUILDINGS. The farmhouse, garage, greenhouse, potting shed, and barns are off limits. Entrance is not permitted at this time. 
  • NO DOGS or PETS PLEASE! We have our own friendly dog, Bella, as well as farm cats. If you have a service dog, please let us know so we can kennel Bella as she will want to make quick friends with your working dog. 
  • PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OUR PROPERTY. This is our home and farm operation. Please do not destroy personal property or leave trash or cigarette butts (no smoking) in our field.
  • CHILDREN UNDER 16. Keep your children close and under supervision. Please help them in understanding the process and do not let them destroy the flowers. 
  • WEATHER. In the event of inclement weather (rain or severe weather), the event will be cancelled and online purchases will be refunded the day of the event. If there is severe weather during the event, the farm will ask attendees to seek shelter at the farm. If necessary, a basement safe space will be provided. 
  • ALL ARE WELCOME. No harassment, bullying or discrimination of any kind is tolerated by Barnswallow & Co., LLC. All are welcome to the farm in any/all capacities. If a guest is determined to be in violation of these farm values, they will be asked to leave the property immediately. Refusal to leave will result in involving law enforcement removing you from the premises. 



Can I request specific types of flowers for DIY Bloom Buckets?
When you are choosing our services, you are choosing “locally grown flowers” rather than being super specific about the “type” of flowers. We grow HUNDREDS of types of flowers seasonally. They can vary year to year, month to month, week to week. Therefore we do NOT promise specific flower types, There are obvious “seasonal” limitations where varieties like peonies are ONLY available very early in the season (May-June) compared with dahlias that are typically ONLY available in the last 3rd of the season (July-Oct). You can stay updated with our flowers by following our very active instagram page @barnswallowflowers and facebook page, Barnswallow Flowers.
Can I request only one color of flower in my DIY Bloom Bucket order?
When you are choosing our services, you are choosing “local flowers” rather than being super specific about the “single color” of flowers, but you CAN choose a “color palette”. Our flower offerings are designed to keep the ordering process simple and streamlined leaving flexibility for the farm to use what is PERFECT the week of your event and work with a recipe of materials to keep them affordable for everyone. Therefore we DO NOT limit the designs to ONLY one color. 
Why are these services only available May - October?
Our floral services are available in our peak season of beauty here on the farm-which is May-Oct yearly. We are a seasonal flower farm and only use and sell the flowers that we grow in Oskaloosa, Iowa. 
If you have an event outside the window we offer, you can shop our farmstand at 2560 Highway 23, Oskaloosa, IA 52577 on Fridays and Saturdays from dawn till dusk. We also sell flowers at Pella Farmers Market on Thursdays. If you need an arrangement delivered locally, we also are farmer florists and can accomodate a wonderful, in-season creation. 
Where do I pick up my DIY Bloom Bucket on the farm?
All flower orders are picked up at the home farm in Oskaloosa, Iowa. You will receive an email/text 1-2 weeks before pick up. That communication will detail the pick up protocol at Barnswallow Flowers. For a majority of our “flower offerings” we ONLY offer pick up at the home farm unless it's an arrangement creation. 
We suggest making sure the car being used for pickup is free from large amounts of material and has enough space for the delicate flower order. A van or SUV is best that has some flat surface space in the back……definitely not a hatchback or convertible. A staff member will be present at the time of pick up to help with load in your car and answer any last minute questions. 
Once I pick up my DIY Bloom Buckets, what do I do with them?
Your DIY bloom buckets will be full of the most perfect flowers from our fields the week of your event. They will be "bunched" in various stem amounts depending on the crop. The most important part about keeping cut flowers perky and fresh is cleanliness and cool temperatures. You want clean clippers, clean vessels, fresh clean water, and a dark/cool location to keep them until your event-an AC room without direct sunlight, a garage, a basement, etc.

You will want to do the following once you have your DIY bloom buckets:
1. Take all the bunches out of the buckets and separate by variety.
2. Cut the elastics off, and trim the bottom of your stems.
3. Put all the bunches into fresh water and vessels (buckets, ball jars, vases, etc).
4. Design your arrangements!
Can we have a phone call about my event for my DIY Bloom Bucket order?
Our “Flower Offerings” price points do NOT include phone calls and consultations. When choosing our flower offerings you are choosing a streamlined process we have created to keep it simple and with an affordable price point. You can email with a question, but most likely the answer to any questions can be found in the descriptions of the items once you click on them or find here in FAQ area. If you still have not had your questions answered, you can email for further assistance. If you need to have consultations about your flowers/event spaces/bridesmaids dresses/tablecloths etc., we suggest utilizing an event company.
Why are the some services non-refundable?
Ordering your flowers from a flower farm is quite a different process ON OUR END than ordering from a traditional florist. Our farm operates successfully through heavy planning the previous year. Apart from serving wholesale and retail clients, YOUR online orders are separated from the rest of our sales. This means we are holding certain colors and crops for your order and NOT offering them to other clients. Therefore we do not offer refunds for any of our services as we reserved YOUR flowers for YOUR order. Very special!
How soon should I book my DIY Bloom Bucket Order?
As soon as possible to get into our calendar. We have limited amounts of events we are willing to take any given week and we do fill up! You can book as far out as you want UP TO TWO WEEKS before your desired pick up date. Any specific dates that are closed to bloom bucket orders will not be listed in the farm store.