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Hello, I'm Meredith Nunnikhoven and I own and operate Barnswallow Flowers with our supportive team and family members outside Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Behind every farm, there is a farmer. Someone willing to take on the challenge of care taking for the land while given a brief opportunity. It's a tall order, but one that is welcomed. 

For me, this challenge goes far beyond what's stated on this website and all our colorful social media posts. It's all the lessor-than-glamorous things that keeps a farm going, keeps it productive and profitable. Much of these operational and supply items are either addressed when funds are available or we use our own salary monies to pay for what's urgently needed. With supply chain issues, our challenges have raised the stakes. 

To keep our operation going requires commitment from the community to invest in what we do, and continue that commitment over time. But sometimes the community has only so much to financially offer through sales of products produced in a season. 

With additional support we can continue to maintain what we have while also pursuing growth in a rural setting. Providing beautiful, small batch/handmade and/or locally grown items should not be only accessible around a metro location. We do not want to be limited by our location, rather embraced for taking on the challenge of facing realities while interacting and supporting our rural economy.

In 2024, we will need additional financial assistance for the below items...just to name a few. 

  • Organization Membership Fees like the ASCFG, Slow Flowers Society, PFI, Farm Bureau, etc (for 2024)
  • New Tiller & Dahlia Ripper (for 2024)
  • Lawyer Fees for Patent & Trademarking (ongoing)
  • Added Efficient Irrigation  (ongoing)
  • Utilities like LP Gas & Water  (ongoing)
  • Raising Labor Rates  (ongoing)
  • Fixing Damaged Infrastructure  (ongoing)
  • Rise in Seed Costs  (ongoing)
  • New Tarps for Weed Suppression  (ongoing)
  • Service on Tractors/Gators  (ongoing)
  • Amendments: Organic Fertilizer and Peat Moss  (ongoing)

Want to chat more with Meredith about the needs at Barnswallow and how you can be involved? Please contact her by email at barnswallowflowers@gmail.com.