Welcome to Our Fields of Flower Farming Dreams


Barnswallow Cottage is a private, rural retreat surrounded by quiet country with a dash of wildlife and unforgettable sunsets. It's conveniently located on the south side of where we grow our flowers and produce. The 1949, A-frame farmhouse was updated in 2020, with a new bathroom, plumbing and amenities. It’s tastefully dressed with family heirloom pieces and adorned with movie set furniture acquired by Meredith Nunnikhoven. All renovation efforts, materials and labor were sourced locally in the state of Iowa. The cottage is an agri-tourism entity that supports many financial needs of the farm, like building maintenance, operational costs and fair labor wages. Enjoy our fresh flowers that will adorn the cottage seasonally. Produce grown on the farm is also available for preparing meals in the cottage kitchen. Xo, BSF