DIY Bloom Bucket - Pick Up Friday October 6

DIY Bloom Bucket - Pick Up Friday October 6

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Price: $89/bucket
Colors: Whites & Creams, All Mixed Colors, All Pastel Colors

DIY (Do It Yourself) BSF Bloom Buckets are the best bang for your buck when it comes to purchasing locally grown flowers. If you are on a budget, have a knack for floral design or just love purchasing local flowers, DIY bloom buckets are a great addition to your creative goals. Bloom buckets come in 3 color palettes, for a total of 75 stems in each bucket. Each bucket can fill can fill between 5-10 16 oz ball jar arrangements, depending on your design style. Flower type is limited to ONLY what is best from the farm and is decided by the farmers the week of pick up.

Available between May 19th-->October 7th yearly and limited to what flowers are producing best on the farm the week of your event. Choose your color palette from the drop down menu. More floral varieties and diversity come available in late June and extend through October. 

Pick up is on Friday AM's in the air-conditioned, Little Blue Barn on the farm.

Seasonal Bloom Types
May: Daffodils, Tulips, Peonies, Accent Flowers, Greenery
June: Peonies, Greenery, Accent Flowers
July: Lisianthus, Accent Flowers, Greenery
August: Dahlias, Lisianthus, Accent Flowers, Greenery
September & October: Dahlias, Accent Flowers, Greenery


*We need at least 2 weeks from order time to pick up date.
*DIY Bloom Buckets are non refundable, so please plan accordingly.
*Flowers varieties are ONLY chosen by the farmer. 
*Consultation is not provided with this purchase.
*This products is ONLY for local pick up at Barnswallow Flowers. No shipping. 
*Still have questions? Please review our FAQ page.